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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Not being an avid sports fan, i have limited sports moments that are memorable for me, the one that stands out the most would have to be a hockey game.
A friend of mine and her family had box seats to the 2004 kings season and needed some one to go with to a game. As long as i could find transportation, i was welcome to the tickets.
it turned out that a cousin of mine was going to the exact same game and would give me a lift. when i got there i had to find my way to the "box", which took a considerable amount of time because people working at the staples center turned out being very unfriendly. twenty minutes later i was in the high class air conditioned box filled with fruit baskets, appetizers and sodas. i was amazed even before the game had begun.
then the hockey game started and from the beginning it was ten times more thrilling than flipping through golf tournments on television. it was violent and climactic and more all at once. and then came the fighting which was an excitement all its own. looking through the booklet of players before the game i had wondered how so many of them seemed to be missing teeth, well that was before the first fight broke out. the referrees did nothing to stop the pair of players and mainly stood by watching until it had gone on for long enough at which time the two were pulled off of eachother. each was put in the penalty box and the game continued. after the first fight no one in the audience could get enough violence and each time the puck was dropped everyone was just hoping for a fistfight which usually did break out. after im not sure how long, the game ended and the kings had won. everyone went home happy and with perhaps less agression when they came in because the players had gotten it out for everyone on the ice. in the end, i dont remember the rules of the game, what the score was, all i remember is the blood on the ice.


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