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Thursday, September 07, 2006

My parents were married for 17, almost 18 years. They were divorced in 2004, all that symbolizes their union and our family being whole are their wedding rings. Surprisingly, or maybe not, my parents haven’t noticed they are missing.
During the fighting and splitting of the assets, I came across the wedding rings in a drawer. For whatever reason at the time, I kept them. I also took an old valentines day card I found from the two of them. From before the words “I love you” were only for my sister and I, and not for each other. The 24 carat gold wedding bands were bought together in the jewelry district for a total of 80 dollars. They were purchased almost at the same time they eloped to Lake Tahoe to be married in front of eight people. With disaproval from both families, my dad married his my Austrian mom and then came my sister and I. My family has since then become generally successful and the rings are less showy and outlandish than the gold they could be purchasing now. That alone brings me back to when I was a kid growing up in the suburbs of Reseda. Although, its not Harlem, it’s a far cry from the wealth of Agoura Hills. Objects, symbols, keepsakes, from before my family moved out of the “bad neighborhood”. My childhood is embedded somewhere in those two rings. So I’ve kept them and as long as my parents are uncaring of the fact that they have gone missing, I will continue to keep them.
Though they are nothing more than simple gold wedding bands, to me they are much more than pieces of jewelry. To me they are remnants of family gatherings, and time spent together. Our family, and my most prized possesion.


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