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Thursday, September 28, 2006

I'm not going to lie, reading the newspaper is not something i do on a regular basis, except for the occasional sunday morning comic. But, to my surprise, it actually turned out to be informative and somewhat interesting. The sports section was still not something i would even go near, but the world news, and local news were tolerable.
The first article on the webpage that caught my eye happened to be about the death penalty. Being a fan of many shows about murder and intrigue, as morbid as it may be the death penalty was something i would want to know more about. It discusses one doctors view that many people who recieve a lethal injection, are in fact not unconscious when they recieve the lethal dose. In a recent court case, where one inmate has stated that lethal injection breaks the contstitutional rights about cruel and unusual punishment. People who get this injection which is the last of the three shots they get, are supposed to be paralyzed for this painful poison which acts on the body similar to drowning or strangulation. The doctor argues that because of poorly trained employees many victims are still awake when for their lethal shot. Although there can be no concrete proof because anyone who could testify to this is obviously dead, he says the evidence is in their breathing. Many people have not stopped breathing after getting the shot meant to make them unconcious. This could mean that their bodies were not paralyzed. The only way to truly know if people are fully unconsious is by suitable monitors and even a doctor.
This is difficult because many doctors refuse to participate in killing inmates because of their own ethics and medical oath. Until their is sufficient funding and less overcrowding in the prison systems their cant be properly trained employees or proper executions. Nothing can really be improved until the entire system is changed.


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