rough draft of 3-5 paragraph essay

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Although arranged marriages seem like an archaic cultural tradition, they could still be beneficial to society today. Firstly, people that may have spent their life building careers and other building blocks of their lives while putting relationsips last, could need help finding a mate with an arranged marriage. The hardest part of an arranged marriage is remembering to show up to the wedding. It completely cuts back on the time spent dating the "wrong" person. Not only time but money is saved as well in an arranged situation. Women alone, spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars making themselves appealing for the opposite sex in order to find the perfect mate. Through e-dating and speed dating, women are wasting money on outfits and getting their hair done. Without this time and money wasted, people could become very sucessful in their jobs and spend more quality time with family or friends. With the divorce rate so high in America, why not try out arranged marriages? People tend to choose the wrong mates when allowed to pick on their own, as proven by the divorce rate at 50%, so why not leave it up to someone else to choose. Through gradual respect and then love, as opposed to initial attraction and lust, people could build more meaningful marriages. Through time saved, lesser divorce rates, and the safety provided, arranged marriages could improve Western society. Especially in today's generation with the divorce rate climbing steadily higher each year, making a change could be the difference people need. Arranged marriages could be the solution. Instead of paying thirty dollars for a free personality test from elove, why not leave it up to someone you trust to pick your partner for you. The worst that could happen is that the divorce rate could continue to climb.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

"The Pleasure of My Company" by Steve Martin centers around its main character Daniel. Although Daniel is an important part of the book, the most influential in my viewpoint was Brian.
From the first time he meets Daniel he helps him to improve his life and reduce his quirks. Taking time out to show Daniel how to jog, he inadvertantly pushes Daniel towards independance. Then he gets him to step over the curb which is a monumental step in Daniels life.
Not only does he take Daniel jogging more than once but he steps in to save him at some point. Clarissa's husband accosts Daniel and the person who steps in to save him is of course Brian. His physical strength is not his only strength when helping out Daniel. In some ways he acts as a father figure in his time of need. He shows up when he is needed and helps out when Daniel needs him but doesn't really require anything in return. Unlike Clarissa, he doesn't need his child to be taken care of and never comes over in the middle of the night for tea like Philipa.
The next time he helps out is when Daniel wins the Temperton Pie Essay Contest. He steps in and gives him a ride to give him his speech. On the ride there he does not act strangely when Daniel asks to take down his pants even though he does not give an explanation as to why he needs to take down his pants. He stands by supportingly while Daniel gives his speech.
In the entire story, whether he is breaking new ground with Daniel by taking him jogging, saving him from an angry husband, or standing by him while he gives an important speech, he is always helpful in the way he knows how. In his athletic and brute-like manner he keeps an eye on Daniel and pushes him to step out on his own.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

I'm not going to lie, reading the newspaper is not something i do on a regular basis, except for the occasional sunday morning comic. But, to my surprise, it actually turned out to be informative and somewhat interesting. The sports section was still not something i would even go near, but the world news, and local news were tolerable.
The first article on the webpage that caught my eye happened to be about the death penalty. Being a fan of many shows about murder and intrigue, as morbid as it may be the death penalty was something i would want to know more about. It discusses one doctors view that many people who recieve a lethal injection, are in fact not unconscious when they recieve the lethal dose. In a recent court case, where one inmate has stated that lethal injection breaks the contstitutional rights about cruel and unusual punishment. People who get this injection which is the last of the three shots they get, are supposed to be paralyzed for this painful poison which acts on the body similar to drowning or strangulation. The doctor argues that because of poorly trained employees many victims are still awake when for their lethal shot. Although there can be no concrete proof because anyone who could testify to this is obviously dead, he says the evidence is in their breathing. Many people have not stopped breathing after getting the shot meant to make them unconcious. This could mean that their bodies were not paralyzed. The only way to truly know if people are fully unconsious is by suitable monitors and even a doctor.
This is difficult because many doctors refuse to participate in killing inmates because of their own ethics and medical oath. Until their is sufficient funding and less overcrowding in the prison systems their cant be properly trained employees or proper executions. Nothing can really be improved until the entire system is changed.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Not being an avid sports fan, i have limited sports moments that are memorable for me, the one that stands out the most would have to be a hockey game.
A friend of mine and her family had box seats to the 2004 kings season and needed some one to go with to a game. As long as i could find transportation, i was welcome to the tickets.
it turned out that a cousin of mine was going to the exact same game and would give me a lift. when i got there i had to find my way to the "box", which took a considerable amount of time because people working at the staples center turned out being very unfriendly. twenty minutes later i was in the high class air conditioned box filled with fruit baskets, appetizers and sodas. i was amazed even before the game had begun.
then the hockey game started and from the beginning it was ten times more thrilling than flipping through golf tournments on television. it was violent and climactic and more all at once. and then came the fighting which was an excitement all its own. looking through the booklet of players before the game i had wondered how so many of them seemed to be missing teeth, well that was before the first fight broke out. the referrees did nothing to stop the pair of players and mainly stood by watching until it had gone on for long enough at which time the two were pulled off of eachother. each was put in the penalty box and the game continued. after the first fight no one in the audience could get enough violence and each time the puck was dropped everyone was just hoping for a fistfight which usually did break out. after im not sure how long, the game ended and the kings had won. everyone went home happy and with perhaps less agression when they came in because the players had gotten it out for everyone on the ice. in the end, i dont remember the rules of the game, what the score was, all i remember is the blood on the ice.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

My parents were married for 17, almost 18 years. They were divorced in 2004, all that symbolizes their union and our family being whole are their wedding rings. Surprisingly, or maybe not, my parents haven’t noticed they are missing.
During the fighting and splitting of the assets, I came across the wedding rings in a drawer. For whatever reason at the time, I kept them. I also took an old valentines day card I found from the two of them. From before the words “I love you” were only for my sister and I, and not for each other. The 24 carat gold wedding bands were bought together in the jewelry district for a total of 80 dollars. They were purchased almost at the same time they eloped to Lake Tahoe to be married in front of eight people. With disaproval from both families, my dad married his my Austrian mom and then came my sister and I. My family has since then become generally successful and the rings are less showy and outlandish than the gold they could be purchasing now. That alone brings me back to when I was a kid growing up in the suburbs of Reseda. Although, its not Harlem, it’s a far cry from the wealth of Agoura Hills. Objects, symbols, keepsakes, from before my family moved out of the “bad neighborhood”. My childhood is embedded somewhere in those two rings. So I’ve kept them and as long as my parents are uncaring of the fact that they have gone missing, I will continue to keep them.
Though they are nothing more than simple gold wedding bands, to me they are much more than pieces of jewelry. To me they are remnants of family gatherings, and time spent together. Our family, and my most prized possesion.